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Node.js 2023 Year in An Article

5 months ago

Node.js 2023 Year in An Article Two months into 2024, I’ve decided to summarize the achievements in the Node.js space from 2023. As always, this list is curated by me, so I may overlook some pull requests due to the vast amount of work completed by Node.js collaborators and areas where I need more ... read more

State of Node.js Performance 2023

State of Node.js Performance 2023 The year is 2023 and we’ve released Node.js v20. It’s a significant accomplishment, and this article aims to use scientific numbers to assess the state of Node.js’ performance. All the benchmark results contain a reproducible example and hardware details. To reduc... read more

Node.js Core - Neovim Setup

1 year ago

Node.js Core - Neovim setup Frequently, I’m asked about my setup when working on the Node.js codebase. To save everyone’s time, I wrote this quick blog post. It’s important to mention all recommendations are personal preferences, you can achieve the same behaviour using different tools. Currently... read more

Diagnostics Channel was released!

Diagnostics Channel The Node.js v15 landed a feature that should help a lot of APM vendors. The diagnostics_channel has the objective to have a centralized channel of events between modules. As stated in the blog release: diagnostics_channel is a new experimental module that provides an API to... read more

Node CPU Profiler

Node CPU Profiler How we can measure the performance? If you are a software engineer, you have already thought about the performance of your Node.js application. And probably saw the feature flag: --inspect or --inspect-brk to enable CDT(Chrome Dev Tools) and measure performance from there. Well,... read more

Fastify, Why another JavaScript Framework?

5 years ago

Fastify, Why another JavaScript framework? An introduction to the concepts and motivations behind the framework. All of us know that the JavaScript ecosystem is builtin by several frameworks. In this article, I’ll show you a framework called Fastify and why it’s taken my attention. Fastify i... read more