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Network Performance in Real-world

9 months ago

Network Performance in Real-world Everybody knows or must know the famous statement: “Network is not reliable”. In fact, it’s true, however, it doesn’t means that you shouldn’t optimize it. If you got here by yourself, likely you understand why performance matters in the business. Otherwise, I recomm... read more

Performance Methodologies

Performance Methodologies Poor performance costs the software industry millions of dollars annually in lost revenue, decreased productivity, increased development, hardware costs and damaged customer relations. Most applications tend to focus on correctness over performance. The shift towards perform... read more

Diagnostics Channel is landed!

Diagnostics Channel In node v15 was landed a feature that should help a lot of APM vendors. diagnostics_channel has the objective to have a centralized channel of events between modules. As blog release says: diagnostics_channel is a new experimental module that provides an API to create named channe... read more

Node CPU Profiler

Node CPU Profiler How we can meansure the performance? If you are a software engineer, you have already thought about the performance of your nodejs application. And probably saw the feature flag: --inspect or --inspect-brk to enable CDT(Chrome Dev Tools) and measure performance from there. Well, tha... read more